Thursday’s Tip: How To Easily Make A Metric Gate Fold Card

By | October 5, 2017

Have you wondered how to easily score a gate fold card using metric measurements and A4 cardstock?  Today’s tip will show you how easy it is with the Simply Scored Metric Scoring Plate.

Here is a gate fold card.

metric gate fold card

Here in the South Pacific as well as in the United Kingdom, we use metric measurements and A4 cardstock/paper which is a different size to the America cardstock.  The  American letter size is a little shorter, but slightly wider than A4 size.

Check out this picture here:

The image above is from

To make a gate fold card using A4 cardstock, cut a sheet of A4 cardstock in half at 14.85cm. Then score the card at 52.5mm (5.25cm) from each end.  The Simply Scored Metric Scoring Plate makes this easy as it has a score line with this exact measurement so you can easily make a gate fold card using the metric plate. I have had my metric plate for a couple of years, and I only recently learned why this specific measurement was marked on the plate!

Score on the left side of the cardstock at 5.25cm, then turn the cardstock 180° and score the same measurement from the other size. Crease the score lines and they will meet up exactly in the middle, giving you a wonderful gate fold card.  This will give you a standard C6 sized card – 10.5cm x 14.85cm.

Just so you know, the metric scoring plate needs to be used with the Simply Scored Scoring Tool.  It slides securely onto to it.  You need the base plate, so that you cardstock rests neatly against the edge and doesn’t move.

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I hope you found today’s tip useful and you will give making a gate fold card a try.

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