Thursday’s Tip: Other Ways To Use Piercing Tools!

By | May 3, 2018

Stampin’ Up! have some great piercing tools.  The Paper-Piercing Tool was originally designed to be used with the Stampin’ Pierce Mat.  You would put your project on top of the Stampin’ Pierce Mat and press holes into your work with the Paper-Piercing Tool, either free-hand or with a template.  The Stampin’ Pierce Mat would protect your work surface.

Stampin’ Up! Piercing Tools

piercing tools, Paper-Piercing Tool

Paper-Piercing Tool

piercing tools, Stampin' Pierce Mat

Stampin’ Pierce Mat


I have other uses for both of these tools which doesn’t involve making any holes!

I like to use my Paper-Piercing Tool to help me place small embellishments on my creations.  When I have a pearl, rhinestone or other small embellishment, it can be quite fiddly to try and pick it up with my fingers and place it exactly where I want, so instead I use the Paper-Piercing Tool to carefully pick it up and then place it where I want!

As for the Stampin’ Pierce Mat I like to use as a stamping surface.  Sometimes a table or work space can be too hard to stamp on and it is hard to get a good stamped image.  This is particularly true with  photopolymer stamps.   When stamping, I put this mat underneath my stamping surface  and it helps me to get even pressure and ink coverage, especially with detailed or background stamps.  If you are doing some stamping that involves doing over the edge of the cardstock,  it is a good idea to put some scrap paper, or grid paper on top of your Stampin’ Pierce Mat to keep it clean.

I share a new tip most Thursdays.   You can check out last week’s one here.

I hope you have found this two different ways to use the Paper-Piercing Tool and Stampin’ Pierce Mat useful.  I hope you will give the a go.  If you have a different way to use these tools, please share it with me!

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