Thursday’s Tip: How To Not Lose Your Dimensionals!

By | November 12, 2016

Dimensionals are a great product and I use them a lot on my cards and other projects.  They help to add some dimension to your project and lift up the sentiment, image or what ever you are adhering.  However sometimes, because they are on a small white sheet, it is easy to lose them on your craft table.

Check out this week’s tip so you don’t lose them anymore.  Sorry it is a day or two late!

Can you see my Dimensionals on this table?

Dimensionals Hide & Seek

Can you find the Dimensionals?

Tip: Colour the top of the Dimensionals with a highlighter so it looks like this.  This will help you find it on your table and you will also know if you have taken off the top protective layer on the top.  If it is yellow, you know that it is still there.  If it is white, then you have taken it off and the top is sticky!

Dimensionals with Highlighter

Highlighter drawn on top of the Dimensionals

Now can you see the Dimensionals on the table?

Dimensionals - Found

Now you can find the Dimensionals

Isn’t that such a clever idea!  This wasn’t my tip.  I only learned it myself a couple of days ago, so I have only just started putting it into practice.  My team leader, Julia Leece, shared this tip with me.   She had just come back from a Stampin’ Up! event in Brisbane and learned it while she was there.  I wish I could have gone too.  Hopefully next time.  Anyway, she was kind enough to share this great tip with her team, along with many other great tips and ideas she learned at the event.  This is one of the great things about being part of a wonderful team as a demonstrator, we help and support each other!

Another tip:  When you have finished with your Dimensionals, store them in a Standard Stamp Case.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to take your stamps out to use a case.  You can purchase empty stamp cases and store lots of things in them!  They have wide ones too.

Stored in a Clear Case

Stored in a Clear Case

Would you like to learn other great tips?  Check out last week’s one here.  You can check out lots more here too.  If you have a great tip, please share it with me and I may even be able to share it on my blog and give you the credit for it!

If you like to use Dimensionals, I hope you will give this tip a go as it is so quick and easy to do and it is very helpful too.

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