Thursday’s Tip: Masking Stamping Technique

By | August 17, 2017

Masking is a basic stamping technique to create depth. Masking makes it look as though one image is behind another. It involves covering a stamped image so that other image may be stamped over it.  The image you stamp first is the one that will appear in the front. The second image will look as though it is behind the first.

Masking, High Tide, lighthouse

In the card above it looks like the water is behind the lighthouse.  To create this effect, I stamped the lighthouse first.  I then stamped the same lighthouse onto a Post-it Note and cut it out, just on the edge.  This created my mask.  I carefully placed this mask – the cut out lighthouse – over the top of the one I had already stamped on my card.  This covered up my stamped image.  I was then able to stamp the water without it going onto the light house. Once I had finished stamping the water, I removed the mask.  This masking technique makes it look like the water is behind the lighthouse.


If you would like to learn how to mask, check out this video below.

I used the High Tide stamp set for the card above.  If you would like to know what other products I used, you can see this here.

I will be using this masking technique in my class next week when we make a double slider card featuring this image on the front of the card. If you live in Auckland and would like to come along to the class, please email me.  I have a class during the week on Thursday 24th August, and then one in the weekend on Sunday 27th August. For more class information, click here.  If you are not able to attend the class, but would like to learn how to make it, please let me know as I may offer this in an online class in the near future. .

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip, the masking technique.  Each Thursday I share a tip with you.  If you would like to see other tips, you can see them here.

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