Thursday’s Tip: Making Sure Your Ink Pads Never Run Dry!

By | July 19, 2018

Today’s tip is on how to make sure you ink pads never run dry!

It is very frustrating if you are making a card or project and you go to stamp something, but then you find it doesn’t stamp so well because the ink pad is starting to run out of ink.  Or perhaps you have a bigger image to stamp.  The outside of the image is fine as there is more ink on that part of your ink pad, but the middle part of the stamped image is a lot lighter in colour and harder to see and so overall your stamped image doesn’t look so good.

ink pads

Here is the answer.  If you have the ink refill in the same colour as your ink pad, you can ink it up straight away and be ready to go.  Often you will buy an ink pad and think I will buy the ink refill later, but then you forget about it until the time when you go to use your ink pad and the ink colour is running out.  You look for your ink refill and discover you haven’t bought that ink refill yet! So my tip is, when you buy an ink pad, buy the ink refill at the same time.! That way you will never be caught out!

You can check out this video here, showing you how to reink your ink pad.  This video shows you how to open the old style ink pad.  If you have bought an ink pad since 1st June 2018, then you will have the new hinge style ink pad and so you just lift it open like a compact case. You can see how to open these ink pads here.

I hope you found today’s tip useful and that next time you go to order some ink pads, you remember to order the ink refills at the same time!

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