Thursday’s Tip: How To Fold Cards To Get That Professional Look!

By | May 18, 2017

Today I am going to share with you how to fold cards so you get that nice crisp fold and a professional look.  You just need two simple tools to do this. The first tool is a scoring tool such as a Simply Scored, or a trimmer that has a scorer on it, like the Stampin’ Trimmer.  This is great to use as it has measurements as well so you know exactly where you need to score.  The second tool is a Bone Folder to burnish the fold.

If you just fold you cardstock over and crease it with you hand it will probably look like this:

fold cards not scored


By scoring first,  you can reduce cracked and sloppy creases and it can look like this.

fold cards scored

How to fold cards:

Step One:  Score the fold line using a scoring tool.

Step Two: Fold it and burnish the fold to further seal your crease.  Burnishing is simple and adds to the finished look of your project. Use your Bone Folder to press firmly on your crease. The thicker the paper or cardstock you use, the more important it is to burnish.


Why do I need a Bone Folder?

A bone folder is an inexpensive paper crafting tool, and a necessity when it comes to scoring your paper.  Bone folders have a firm pointy tip used for creating score lines on cardstock.   The long flat edge of the bone folder can be used to flatten out the crease on your paper, creating the perfect folded edge.

Bone Folder

Here is some more tips and a video on cutting and scoring your cardstock.

I hope you have found today’s tip on how to fold cards useful.  Please feel free to leave any comments below and if you have anything else you would like to learn, please feel free to ask me.

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