Thursday’s Tip: Adding Colour With A Sponge Brayer

By | September 21, 2017

Using a Stampin’ Up! Sponge Brayer is a great way to add some colour to your project.  Brayer a little for a light colour or keep braying a lot longer for a darker colour.

Here is a card I made which uses the braying technique.   Please note:  This post has been edited. Originally I had posted the photo of the card with a sponged front rather than a brayed front.  Now you can see both photos and the difference between using sponges and a sponge brayer.

Brayed Card Front:

Sponge Brayer


Sponged Card Front:

Adding ink with Stamping Sponges gives a more patching look.

The paper I used for the background was the Merry Music Specialty Designer Series Paper.  The paper is black and white.  Either a white background with the music in black like on this one, or a black background with white music.  Here is what it looks like.

On the card above, I then used Elegant Eggplant ink to brayer over the Merry Music Specialty Designer Series Paper to add the colour.

To add colour to the paper I used my sponge brayer and I brayed it on.  I suggest when you use the brayer that you have scrap paper underneath the paper you are colouring.  First start off the page and then roll the brayer over the paper you would like to colour.  This stops some patches of the paper being darker than you want it to as when the brayer fits hits the paper it is is going to have more ink on it,.  Once the sponge brayer is rolling, the colour is more even.

With the card above I chose to have a darker colour at the bottom and a lighter colour and the top so I used the brayer more on the bottom half of the paper.

sponge brayer


When you purchase the sponge brayer it comes with two handles and four sponges.  The sponges are 4.4 cm wide.

You can also just brayer an ink colour straight onto a white background to add some colour to your project.  You can even use a few colours on the same piece and you can let the colours blend a little together so you don’t get a solid line where one colour stops and another starts.  There are many great ways to add colour to your projects with a sponge brayer.  Why don’t you give adding colour with a sponge brayer a go too?

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