Four Ways You Can Store Punches

By | January 28, 2016

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Tip, how I store my Stampin’ Up! Punches.  I will share how I now store my punches and give you some other ideas of how you can store yours.  The coordinating punches and stamp sets were one of the many great features that drew me towards Stampin’ Up! products. Now that I have a few punches, I had to figure out a way to store them.

Originally they were in a drawer, lying down in several layers, and I had to move them around to find the right punch.  This is what it looked like.

Storing Punches, sTampin' up, punches, storing


Then I discovered you can stand them on their ends.  On the end of each punch is a picture of the punch so you know what it is. Now with them arranged like this, I can see them all so clearly at once and it makes it so much easier to get them in and out.

Storing punches, stampin up, punches, storage, storing


It may depend on what space you have for storing your punches, but here are some photos I found on the internet giving you some ideas of how you can store your punches.


Specially build punch shelves:

Stampin up, storing punches, punches, storage, shelves


Storing punches on their side:

Storing Punches on their side, storage, punches,


Storing punches on towel rails:

Punch storage on rails


I am sure there are other ways too.  If you have another way that you store your punches, please share in the comments below how you store yours.

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